Propeller Island, Germany

May 28, 2009 by Neal  
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When German artist, Lars Stroschen, needed to earn some money to carry on with his work, he opened the Propeller Island City Lodge. But what started as a money-making scheme soon turned into a work of art itself, as he gave each of its 45 rooms a different theme.

The themes of these rooms don’t just describe the wallpaper used or the pictures inside; instead they describe the experience of staying in them. The ‘Flying Bed’ room, for instance, suspends you in mid-air, while the ‘Upside Down’ room turns the world on its head and leaves all the furniture out of reach on the ceiling! And if you really want to be creeped out, how about ‘Grandma’s’ room, a shrine to Lars’ deceased grandmother!

So, why not lose your mind in the ‘Padded Cell’ or, if you’re dead-beat after along day, take a nap in the ‘Coffin’ room!

Once described as the coolest place in Berlin, you definitely won’t be bored at the Propeller Island City Lodge!

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