Controversy Farm, Netherlands

May 28, 2009 by Neal  
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Ever fancied spending the night in a converted tram run by two enthusiastic, Dutch, Prince fans? Yes? Then get yourself packed and make your way over to Frank and Irma Appel’s Controversy Farm.

Named after Prince’s 1981 album, this is more kooky than controversial. The accommodation is made up of four train carriages that include beds, showers and toilet facilities. The carriages are each themed around a different part of the world: Italy, England, America and Mexico – which even includes its own sombrero-shaped Jacuzzi!

The weird and wonderful factor doesn’t end there – there are also some strange sights to be found around Frank and Irma‘s home! Various car conversions are underway and the couple even sleep in a double-decker bus. Oh, and maybe someone should ask where they got the garden’s fighter jet from?

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