Chole Mjini, Tanzania

July 13, 2009 by Neal  
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Image courtesy of Anna Sulzmann

Chole Mjini is located 100 Km south of Zanzibar on the tiny island of Mafia. But don’t worry, you won’t be sleeping with the fishes here or waking up with a horses head in your bed!

Instead you’ll be roosting in one of seven rustic tree-houses, and enjoying a truly back-to-basics lifestyle. Shed your inhibitions (and clothes) in one of the open air showers, but leave your hairdryer at home because there’s no electricity here!

A you might expect from a tree house hotel, bird watching is excellent at Chole Mjini. You’ll also get the rare opportunity to observe the local population of giant Madagascan bats. No need to pack your garlic though, we’re told they’d rather nibble on fruit than your neck!

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