Your passport to the world’s most extraordinary destinations

Weird & Wonderful Hotels is an intrepid new series that ventures off the beaten track to uncover the most unique places in which to spend a night.

Avoiding the well-trodden path of other TV travel shows, Weird & Wonderful Hotels takes you to some astonishing destinations. Prepare yourselves for a few surprises!

Our quest for the strange and unusual takes us to all four corners of the globe: hotels in sewerage pipes, wine barrels, up trees, under water… whatever next?

Along the way we also track down some of the world’s most remote luxury retreats and eco hotels, where guests can get up close and personal with the surrounding wildlife and experience life a world away from home.

You’re guided around each hotel by one of the charismatic locals. Reporting in their own eccentric style, these memorable characters are as unique as the hotels themselves, adding to the show’s stylish yet quirky flavour.

Weird, wonderful and always extraordinary, these hotels will deliver surprise after surprise and provide eye opening entertainment for the whole family.

Format summary:

  • Factual entertainment
  • 13 x 25’ episodes
  • Over 40 hotels visited in season one
  • 100s more hotels to visit in future seasons

Download our promotional brochure:

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